SYSTRATEC Reference Axle Weighing Platform Scales

Find out why our load receptors can improve the quality of your weighing data.

Full Functional Design

Our rational designed platform scales show at a glance  our engineers attitude: Measurement excellence is in details. That’s why installation, maintenance, durability and aesthetic aspects are perfectly solved in our load receptors. But not before solving the main function, to build a mechanical structure able to provide Systratec customers with the most accurate weight sensing. That’s why linear behaviour, transversal forces absorption and dynamic efforts isolation are inherent characteristics to our Team designs.


Static & Dynamic weighing

Systratec Reference Platform Scales may operate in static and/or dynamic mode, depending on the Systratec Weighing Electronic connected to them. In static mode, each vehicle axle is weighted separately by positioning it on the platform and stopping the vehicle for a while, before moving to the next axle. In dynamic mode, the vehicle passes over the platform at around 5-8 Km/h, without braking or accelerating, and each axle weight is measured by the system automatically. Although static weighing gives the best accuracy and may be used, for example, for legal enforcement purposes by Road Authorities, dynamic weighing improves weighing area traffic flow dramatically a the expense of slightly reducing accuracy.

Strong as steel

Systratec manufactures their Reference Platform Scales from solid strong steel profiles, under strict dimensional tolerances and high quality welding processes. Different surface protection treatments are applied to every part to ensure tenths of years durability. Stainless steel is used for screws, nuts, sensors, mechanical adjustment parts and dynamic efforts absorption system, meaning appreciable reduction in maintenance costs. A set of tubes is disposal to duct measurement line cables, providing strong protection against rodents damage. Heavy duty epoxi coating may be applied for Reference Platform Scales passing surface finishing in your corporate color. Other passing surface finishing treatments are available on demand.

Gravity Center calculation

Systratec Reference Platform Scales, connected to the appropriate Systratec Weighing Electronic, are able to provide Gravity Center calculation together with the most accurate weight value. This special feature allows system designers to build complex weighing systems dedicated to measure weight and gravity centre in such demanding industries as aeronautical, aerospace, vehicle manufacturing or race cars constructors.

Easy to install

Systratec Reference Platform Scales don’t require huge and expensive civil works to be installed on site. A 40cm depth concrete pit is enough to allocate the full system. A pipe shall be installed also during civil works, to duct signal cables to an electronic cabinet near the pit. This cabinet is where the weighing electronic will be installed. Our technical team will be pleased to provide you with full clear installation written procedure, in english, french or spanish, to help you manage your weighing area civil works.

Metrological Properties

Although Systratec Reference Platform Scales structure is manufactured to manage a maximum load of 30 000 kg, we prefer to equip it with lower range load sensors, in order to build weighing systems with a measurement range adapted to normal truck axle loads. Systratec standard axle weighing systems are delivered in two maximum ranges: 20 000 kg and 10 000 kg, with a measurement step of 20 kg and 10 kg respectively.  These are standard OIML Class IIII weighing systems. In addition, we offer our customers same range weighing systems but following OIML Class III rules. That means 20 000 kg with 2kg step and 10 000 kg with 1 kg step.

Ordering Information

Systratec offers our Reference Platform Scales in two nominal values: 20 000 kg / 20 kg and 10 000 kg / 10 kg. Final colour is full customizable. We are also ready to create Reference Platform Scales with the calibration and geometry required by our customers, starting from the design and finishing with the final calibration certificate.


The desire to surpass traditional weighing technologies, building the most advanced, accurate and longest-lasting weighing systems on the market, is what drives the entire SYSTRATEC team. This ambitious objective is achieved by working on each scale in depth, seeking excellence in all the technologies used: the structural design, the choice of materials, the sensors used, the hardware of the measurement electronics and weight displays, the firmware of all the electronics, the calibration procedures and tools and countless other details. It is by taking the utmost care with each instrument, load receptor and electronics that we can guarantee our customers that the investment they have made in the purchase of their measuring equipment is protected and profitable by having an instrument that can be upgraded for many years and that is always capable of providing the highest quality of measured value in the industry. SYSTRATEC weighing and centre of gravity measurement systems incorporate the following unique technologies:


We build our scales and all our load receptors using only aerospace grade aluminium, stainless steel and carbon fibre. Our structures are designed to have zero deflection at nominal load over the tyre footprint. This results in greater linearity, accuracy and durability of all our instruments compared to traditional solutions.


As manufacturers of our own electronics, we have full control over the internal firmware. This allows us to offer the market
a very high capacity of adaptation and integration of our instruments in any customer’s process. It also allows us to update our instruments throughout their useful life, evolving their capabilities as our customers’ needs evolve.


Our most advanced scales provide, in addition to the weight value, the exact position of the load on the platform with millimetre accuracy. This unique feature greatly reduces uncertainty in static mass distribution, centre of gravity or aircraft centring calculations.


We build our scales and load cells around high-end stainless steel sensors based exclusively on strain gauges. Partners since 2015 with the German sensor manufacturer HBM® Hottinger Brüel Kjaer, we exclusively use these load cells for their outstanding metrological quality and durability, which are recognised worldwide and present in all reference laboratories. The use of these high-end load cells allows for greater ease of adjustment year after year, virtually indefinitely, compared to other technologies such as piezoelectric, capacitive, or hydraulic pressure sensors, or low-quality load cells, which lose their ability to adjust after only a few years of use.


We do not use summing boxes in our instruments. Our proprietary electronics are capable of acquiring the individual signals of up to 20 load cells in parallel and simultaneously. We monitor each sensor during the weighing process to ensure we always provide the best possible measurement, detecting saturation, short circuits, unwanted traction states and other potential problems before giving a weight value that may not be of our trademark quality.








Legal for Trade Electronics

Combine our Systratec Reference platforms with any of our Certified Electronics. The Static Weighing Systems thus constructed are approved to be used in Legal Metrology applications, providing the certified weight per axle in transport vehicles and the total weight as the addition of the axle weights.

Industrial Metrology Electronics

In combination with our most advanced electronics, Systratec Reference Platforms can be configured for out of Legal Metrology applications, such as internal control static weighing axle by axle, dynamic weighing axle by axle (up to 8 km / h) and measurement of the distribution of the load on transport vehicles through the X and Y axis. The variety of existing communications guarantees the integration of the system in any industrial environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your platforms full weight bridges?
Our platform scales are designed to receive the load of one vehicle axle or aircraft landing gear. Unlike full weight-bridges, our systems give not just the total weight of each vehicle, but also axle by axle load or landing gear load group by group.
Which things may I customize in my order?
Platform width and length dimensions, measurement range, measurement step, finishing colour… Please let us know your special requirements and we will study its feasibility and manufacture your custom platform.
Which electronic should I choose to connect my platform to?
Systratec Reference Platform Scales works fine with all the electronics in the market for static weight measurement. If your application requires more advanced features, we recommend you to check our Systratec weighing electronics, developed around our Systratec CORE. With Systratec Weighing Electronics you will obtain dynamic vehicle weighing, gravity centre calculation, outstanding connectivity, different power supply options, full customizable communications protocol and many other interesting features. Please contact us to share you project requirements.
Are your platforms outdoor or indoor devices?
Systratec Reference Platform Scales are full protected against corrosion by the use of stainless steel on every moving part and by advanced surface treatments given to the whole system. Also sensors are IP-67.

Would you like more information?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.