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Weight Measurement

High-end aircraft weighing platforms. Racing cars wheel by wheel platform scales. Static and dynamic transport vehicles axle by axle weight measurement devices. Standard and custom dimensions, to fit perfectly the most demanding applications. Full internet connected smart instruments with cloud data storage designed to feed your big data management system.


Gravity Center Measurement

From a complex part part just manufactured at your machining center to a full assembled aircraft at the end of the Final Assembly Lane. Our gravity center measurement devices will give you its balance with pinpoint accuracy, showing if the real mass distribution matches the design stage theoretical one.

Tools for Metrology

High-end weight measurement devices require same quality tools for maintenance and metrological periodical verifications. We design and manufacture custom heavy duty calibrated dead weights under the most demanding standards, with the shape and nominal value that fit best your instrument requirements.


Electronic Devices

We design and manufacture our own measurement electronics, under strict European quality standards. Wireless link, custom communications protocol or local and cloud based data storage are usual features of our measurement devices. Full hardware and firmware control allows Systratec to build measurement instruments totally adapted to our customers requirements.

Innovative Metrological Tools and Instruments

Systratec REFERENCE Dead Weights

Find out how our dead weights can improve the quality of your metrological controls.

Systratec REFERENCE Platform Scales

Find out why our load receptors can improve the quality of your weighing data.

Systratec CORE Electronics

The heart and the brain of all our High-End measurement instruments.


Performance, versatility, connectivity, reliability and accuracy. Five specific characteristics of the instruments that Systratec manufactures from our most advanced electronic device.

Systratec LCGrid

Our load cell signal acquisition GRID expansion module.


Connected to our Systratec CORE electronics, this GRID module provides sensor excitation, signal acquisition and signal treatment of high precision load cell sensors.

Featured Project

Aeronautical weight and gravity center measurement system +info

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